What clients say about Declutter with Chloë...

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Fantastic experience with Chloë! I am now well on the way to having our photos stored digitally in a logical & accessible way. And we also have a fantastic photo book that perfectly captures the essence of our family holidays. Thanks again xx


Tower Hamlets

Working with Chloe has changed my habits and attitude. No more wastefulness now that I can see where everything is 🙂 Brilliant. I now have a template for keeping my home under control.



A great experience from start to finish. Chloe brought a fresh pair of eyes to our over-full flat and helped us reorganise everything. She was helpful and offered loads of helpful suggestions and products without ever pushing anything. She was thoughtful and diplomatic, extremely useful when going through your life! Would recommend her to anyone!

Kate R.


I decided to bite the bullet and ask for Chloë’s help as I’d been putting off a clear out of unneeded clothes for ages. I wish I’d got around to it sooner as it was amazing what a difference it made.

With Chloë’s help and motivation, I was able to pack up eight bags of clothes to give to charity, as well as organising everything that I had left. It was both easy and stress free, and Chloë was really professional with her advice and guidance.

100% would recommend for anyone who needs to bring a little order to their lives without any stress or hassle.



About to move house, I was delighted to find Chloë and enlist her services.

Her initial approach to ask me what I wanted to achieve out of the experience certainly assisted me to focus on exactly what I wanted to accomplish. Chloë was great at helping me to focus on what I really wanted to keep and what I should get rid of, particularly to charity. She also suggested alternative charity ideas, e.g. a women’s refuge for those toiletry items I was keeping ‘just in case’.

Chloë was very methodical and clear in her approach but friendly and cheerful at all times. I have no hesitation in recommending Chloë and am going to have another session once I have moved house.

Sarah W.

East Sussex

My wardrobe has always been on the full side but after recently moving home, I realised it was getting a tad out of control.

Chloë was the firm but friendly presence that I needed to actually part ways with things I no longer wear. I’d been putting off clearing out my wardrobe for a while but we actually got through it much quicker than I expected – she made something daunting really quite simple, and fun.

She also helped me decide what to sell, what to donate and what could be tailored for a new lease of life, and gave me some great tips for keeping my wardrobe in check going forward.


Hammersmith & Fulham

Chloe provided amazing tips and fantastic helping hands! The house was full of mountainous piles of stuff after our move, and with just a few hours of her help I felt like I could conquer Everest. Thanks Chloe.
Mom in Mascara


Chloe is fantastic. She helped us more than we ever expected. Thank you!!

Hammersmith & Fulham

Chloe has a great approach and I really enjoyed her company. Looking forward to my next session.


Chloë provided an excellent service for a very reasonable cost in a very timely manner. I was thrilled with what Chloë was able to achieve. I have already recommended her and her services.
Sarah W.

East Sussex

I asked for Chloë’s help to finally clear out my room at my parents house that I hadn’t lived in for almost 3 years but still stores half my belongings. She started by asking me what my objective was – to either give the stuff to charity or for me to take home to my new house and use.

Chloë’s method was excellent. We started with a small area – a book case and then later went on to tackle the wardrobes. She was very helpful, she would remove all items that we were sorting and lay them out. We then went through and sorted them into keep and throw piles. She was great at helping me make my own decision without expressing hers.

We blitzed through the whole room in 4 hours – 4 bags to charity and 2 recycling bags full of rubbish later we had finished. I never thought I would get rid of that much stuff and it was only thanks to Chloë and her passion that we made it! The room now looks great! No clutter and remarkably bigger.

I would definitely use Chloë again and recommend her to all my friends and family. It was a great experience. Thanks Chloë!

Dom E.

Hammersmith & Fulham

I enlisted Chloë’s help because I had loads of stuff that I didn’t really need but I was struggling to make the decision to get rid of anything – I always find reasons not to. I like things to be clean and organised, but my house was starting to look pretty untidy, especially my home office.

Chloë was brilliant at focussing my attention on the task at hand and keeping the momentum going throughout our sessions. She helped me to objectively evaluate each item and let go of those that I just didn’t need. She also advised on storage solutions for my office and worked with me to organise the room once all the clutter was gone.

I love the result. My office is now somewhere I enjoy working and I’m no longer weighed down by the mess.



I contacted Chloë to help organise our spare room that had become a bit of a dumping ground and storage room. She was very professional and absolutely great at suggesting ways of organising and sorting through unwanted clutter.

She’s a very positive and upbeat person to have around and I really enjoyed chatting to her! Would very much recommend her to anyone seeking to revamp any area of the home and feel a lot more organised!

Kate E.