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5 steps to a dreamy wardrobe

We open our wardrobe every day, yet it rarely brings us any joy. How many times have you bemoaned the fact you have nothing to wear, while standing in front of a packed rail of clothes? Or rifled through your shelves struggling to find items that go together? Well it...

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Declutter with Chloë featured in Greenwich Weekender

In the run up to Spring Clearing Week, I'm thrilled to feature in this week's Greenwich Weekender with the fabulous Katherine Blackler of SortMySpace Ltd and Sally Walford of Declutter Me. Read our top tips for Spring Clearing success on page 10, or just here;...

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Fancy a free wardrobe consultation?

Looking to refresh your wardrobe in time for Spring? I've teamed up with the truly brilliant Clothes Doctor to offer 15 of their customers a one-hour wardrobe consultation, totally free of charge! The session will focus on helping you find your 'wardrobe zen', working...

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How to pack light and embrace ‘hand luggage only’ travel

The first time I packed ‘hand luggage only’ for a fortnight away, I cried. With only hours until my departure, I was drowning in a sea of clothes and tears, unable to fit all the belongings I needed for a few days of winter weather in Europe and a week in the Tropics...

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Three brilliant bits of storage you already own

Looking to bring a bit of order to your stuff but lacking suitable storage? Before you hit the shops, take a moment to scan your surroundings and you might just find some free options right under your nose. Here are three things that we often already own that I love...

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Decluttering tips hot off the press!

I'm thrilled to be featured in Weekender's January 2018 edition with the awesome Katherine Blackler of Sort My Space. Pick up your free copy of the paper across Lambeth, Southwark or Greenwich, and check out our top decluttering tips on p.21. Or for immediate...

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